We're Headed For a Fall

by Knock Knock Ginger

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After 7 years and two EPs, KKG presented their first full length album in 2011. WHFAF presented an energetic performance by the band that greatly expanded the scope of KKG's sound. The album featured staples of the band's live set from previous years as well as a few studio gems, and even a Barmitzvah Brothers cover. If you have a physical copy of the CD then you get to find out how the scenario on the cover plays out.


released June 9, 2011

Performed and written by Knock Knock Ginger.
"The Commute" written by the Barmitzvah Brothers.
Produced by Milosz Sikora. Co-produced by Mike Bond.
Engineered and mixed by Mike Bond in Waterloo, Ontario.
Mastered by Tony Salomone at Dadmobile Studios.
Drums recorded at Trepid House with Jeff Woods.
Artwork by Jaimee Ogilvee.



all rights reserved


Knock Knock Ginger Kitchener, Ontario

Knock Knock Ginger rocked around the KW area and parts beyond from 2004 to 2012.

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Track Name: August Has The Cruelest Mouth
I saw the light,
I saw it too far down the road,
It was a hell of week,
And then a hell of a month,
And I was ready for its warmth,

It fooled me once,
But that's as far as this will go,
Cause now you've waded so deep,
And yeah, you've waited so long,
That it'd be cruel to come forth,

But every girl you' ever kissed,
She kissed me too,
And every speck upon her lips,
They dot mine too,
They're outside your room,
"Oh, the things that this could do..."

I'm stepping out,
I'm on my best behaviour,
Although I know
The right words can't save you
When whispered from the cruelest mouth.

And every day starts off with such promise,
But I know I'll be struggling with honesty by the time
The sun arrives,

There on your floor,
We were headed for a fall,
And I begged you to stay,
Oh, but honey, you had made up your mind!
Track Name: Margot, Don't Be A Hero
"10.15 at the steeple bell,
I promise not to kiss and tell,"
Was scrawled across my palm,
As I surfaced from that frigid lake,
The ink seeping into my veins,
My blue hands reaching out,
I looked up to see the silhouettes
Of twelve collected, teenage heads,
Their souls escaping from their mouths.

We all joined hands, our movements whisper quiet,
And with one quick prayer, our bodies set to plummet,
And I almost marveled at how we'd all vowed in silence,
To close our eyes and count to twenty,
At ten, with fingers crossed,
We'll dive into the tarn
Cause it's love!

Twenty leagues of falling degrees,
Passed by before my fists began to ease,
And I caught sight of the time.
Just the thought of you risking all to prove,
That winter nights can't stem the march of youth,
Was enough to rouse my fears.

The shoreline changed from savior to a siren,
And with one quick step, my legs filled with hellfire,
And I almost swam back to where we'd all vowed in silence,
To close our eyes and count to twenty,
At ten with fingers crossed
We'll dive into the tarn,

And Margot, don't be a hero,
Don't you know you've never been so bound?
Track Name: Safety In Letters
Outside, lovers lay undiscovered,
As you fall apart at home,
The vice grips you, baby,
The wires trip, but lately,
All those fevers won't dissolve,

And so you know,
It's always better when the lights all flash in time,
I hold you close,
You're always saying that these nights should be a crime.

The longest river is merely a sliver, honey,
Next to your denial,
My heart goes out to every lover, still undiscovered,
Cause you're trembling in the aisle,

And now you know,
It takes a little more than prose,
It takes a little more than one refrain,
To make a believer of this doubting saint.

The phone rings daily,
Your moods swing, but maybe
If the dust would settle,
You'd finally be able
To enjoy the silence,
Cause the truth is your eyelids
Haven't seen the sun in days.

And now you know,
It's always better with the lights on!
It's always better in the pouring rain!
It's always better when we kiss
And part with lonely lips!

I hold you close,
You're always saying that you're cold,
You're always saying that your one regret
Was never considering an early exit...
Track Name: The Lioness
A morning full of omens
Leads to an afternoon of alien sights,
And sleepy towns keep talking
Long after Amber's name leaves radio dials,
The commotion subsides
Though she cries every night.

"I built this life from nothing
But twenty basement tiles and
Four barren walls,
I scraped and saved trying to keep
Some semblance of daily routine,
How I'd try!
But I'd lose track of time
When it's constantly night.

But if I see the sun today,
I'll know you care,
Yeah, I'll know that you're mine,
There's nothing like a single ray
Coming through the bars
To remind you you're alive.

Yes, we could start with nothing,
But we could end with something quite meaningful,
And though I know you'll never be
A willing player in this scene,
I can dream!
And you could make me believe
That it's lies when you say to me,

"If I see the sun,
I swear I'll stare until I'm blind!
I wake up from that triumph
Almost every single night,
You leave me here,
A lioness in wait,
To plan my escape."

Those precious few hours I own
Evaporate when you come home,
Like rings of smoke that leave your tongue,
Caress my neck and sting my lungs...

And down the stairs,
My curtains, tattered and torn,
My bed, unmade; my pillows, warm,
Then several days without reply,
I felt my name ignite the sky...

And I'll sleep through the noise,
Cast a spell with my voice,
And you'd almost convinced me
I'm more blessed than most.

But you had to impress the neighbours with your find,
It's that little bit of trust that everybody counts on,
Leaving me, a lioness in wait,
To leave without a trace...
Track Name: If You Recall, I Spent That Summer In Rome
You had a restless soul as you headed for autumn,
Twenty odd years in one hometown and nothing in common,
But oh, how you felt encouraged,
When that glossy leaflet caught your eye,
You'd never seen four letters quite so legible.

You had the Vatican in mind from the moment you saw it,
In a yellowing postcard, framed and hung, in St. Augustine's courtyard.
Oh, how the spires inspired,
Oh, how the crosses crossed your mind,
With every bead you left behind in your dorm.

From the moment we touched down,
You clasped my fingers without asking,
And how it all felt prophecised
Like when a savior leads the blind
to a fanciful mirage.

I did not answer my door,
I was not around in '99,
I spent that summer in Rome,
If you recall...

Under that leaning tower,
I could sense a higher power
When I spent those seven days in Rome,
If you recall...

From the moment we touched down,
In familiar streets, familiar accents,
What had once felt justified,
In that hot Roman July,
Teemed with doubt in August's warmth.

Maybe tomorrow, you could wear your new bought hat
The one I picked out in that piazza in Milan,
We'll call up the old gang, have gelato in the park,
And theological debates until it's dark.
Then we'll find a fountain
And I'll cede my last coin souvenir,
If it means seeing you in the dawn...

But we won't be famous lovers, no,
We'll barely make October's snow,
Cause all we fell in love with was Rome,
If you recall,
If you recall...
Track Name: Scrapbooks
How many solutions could you possibly pin to her neck
before the blood starts to show?
And how many conclusions could she possibly glean from the text
That your notebooks could barely hold?
But oh, more to the point,
If you broke her heart at 15 years old,
Would she ever forgive you
Or spend the next decade alone
Cursing the afternoon?

So I made you a scrapbook
From those rust coloured leaves
That you love,
That you love...
But you just sat there and you marveled
At the fragility of it all,
Of it all...

Oh, there goes the boy
With dirty brown hair
That you'll never know.
And oh, the songs that he wrote
Were sickening sweet
Yet full of revolt.

And he made you a scrapbook
From those rust coloured leaves
That you love,
That you love...
But you just sat there and you marveled
At the fragility of it all,
Of it all...

It was fleeting,
It was painless,
But my cross-hairs never crossed your heart,
And those bright stains
Were the most radiant red I had seen,
The bravest valentine I could write...
Track Name: Happy Dream When I'm With You
Ooh, under your skin,
I bet that's where they like it,
With each appearing rib,
I count the days I've sat here.

I'll see you again,
I know because you said so,
In that departure gate,
When I threatened not to let you go...

So I'll just wait for you on this cold afternoon,
Knowing I'll fade from view,
But for now I'll wait for blue skies,
They're waiting for you,
So let those bastards idle!

Don't cry, Eva!
I've got you to thank for all this,
There's no other cause
for which I'd scorn these old rifts.

So I'll just wait for you on this cold afternoon,
Knowing I'll fade from view,
But for now I'll wait for blue skies,
They're waiting for you,
So let those bastards idle!

I suppose,
I could stay in bed and watch the walls decaying...
But down the hall,
There's a radio that keeps me bold
And comforts when the ocean takes its toll,
So let them idle!

Let the powers that be make us their pawns,
I'm here waiting for word of your fate!
Cause it's a happy dream when I'm with you!

Let the headlines speak of microcosms,
I'm here dying just to see your face!
Cause it's a happy dream when I'm with you!

I'm no hero!
I'm no martyr!
I'm just starving for your warm embrace!
Cause it's a better world when I'm with you!
It's simpler life when I'm with you!
It's a happy dream when I'm with you!
Track Name: The Commute
We're still here, though the setting has changed,
Too many people avoiding the name,
You'll never know where we came from without you,
Unless one day we open up and tell you.

One small city with too many small streets,
You all join the big city where the better people meet,
to rush hour and cars and the noise of a crash,
you sit there and think about the cash you'll make today.

Who's calling home? Who's calling you?
Who decided leaving was the best thing to do?
Turn to face us feel unsteady,
Because you know that back here we'll tell them where you came from.

We're still here and we won't avoid the name,
here in this city we'll keep musicians....
Track Name: Disco Hit
We had a disco hit back in ’76,
We toured the whole world
On the strength of one pop pearl.

Went gold in Germany
(Well, not quite in the East),
And our vow to never sin lies buried in Berlin.

We were young, I...
I had obstacles too,
We were famous...
It was so much easier for you…

After you disappeared,
I published every tear,
Titled the epilogue:
“A Lonely Flight to Prague”

We were young, I...
I had obstacles too,
We were famous...
It was so much easier for you…

And those late nights...
I woke up to your sighs,
And those long drives...
I kept the sun from your eyes,
I never noticed...
You were not supposed to…

But if I’d stayed...
Oh, would that even have changed a thing?
It was quicksand...
Every night on that stage,
And lightning...
With every flash,
A million pieces fell from me to you…

Oh, you had a smile I never knew,
Cause you spent night after night laid out with the flu,
And all the handmade banners meant for you
Lay scattered, ripped like broken hearts,
On the lot outside the venue.

Now you'll swear I’ve committed crimes you’ll never prove
But I loved you!
I still do!

And those late nights and those long drives,
I never noticed until a million pieces fell from me
And those late nights and those long drives,
I never noticed until a million pieces fell from me too...
Track Name: It's Your Money, Honey
I saw the leaves fall outside your door,
Your marble steps eclipsed my humble marigolds.
I'd stayed up past midnight to pen you the perfect verse,
But when you're lying through your teeth, each stanza sounds rehearsed,
So these store-bought endearments that I splurged on today
May speak of endless love but really they should say,

"It's not your eyes,
It's not your button nose,
It's not your smile that I've been thinking of,
And Lord knows, it's not your heart,
It's your money, honey, that I love,
So leave your credit cards and go."

On our third night in Paris, I almost let it slip,
That your charms are not the reason we're soldered at the hip,
Six glasses of Clinet led to one moment of shame,
And my first honest response made you question every claim,

That it's your eyes,
That it's your button nose,
That it's your smile that I've been thinking of,
Cause Lord knows, it ends where it starts,
It's your money, honey that I heart.

So take those credit cards
And leave them on the bedside table,
You won't need them,
There may be cheaper men on the block,
But they'll want more from your lips than just talk,
Only I can keep you untouched and pure.

It's not your style,
It's not your razor wit,
It's not your wiles,
(No, those don't even make the list)
And Lord knows, it's not your kiss,
It's your purse strings, darling, that I'll miss,
If you take those credit cards and go...